Sitemap - 2023 - The Tally Newsletter

the Solana scoop

a hack, an attack, and a preventative

governance: substantial

delegation with a side of incentives

introducing proposal rewards!

progressive decentralization FTW

the case for token voting

the future of onchain governance with zk coprocessors

ArbitrumDAO's Short Term Incentive Program: implications and results

grants' dance: growth vs. ethos

when to fund public goods

fork yeah!

MakerDAO and the multichain thesis

the onchain thesis

the metagovernance question

the solution to low voter turnout

base(d) anti-rug technology

risk management who?

Uniswap X marks the spot

The Arbitrum Security Council Election Primitive

NounsDAO: What the fork?

Validation with No Stakes Attached

The Decentralization Dilemma

The Uni-verse is expanding: Enter v4

The Regulation DAOnload

Paying Delegates: Web3's Compensation Conundrum

Plot Twist: Tornado Cash Hijacker’s Redemption Arc

DAO Spotlights: Arbitrum DAO & Hop DAO

Attack on Aragon: Decentralization or Deception?

Another day, another delegate

DAOs are building a pro-crypto army

Memecoin Mania: Are we in a bear market?

WTF is the Shapella upgrade?

Butter'n Up Delegates: An Incentive-Driven Approach to Boosting Governance

Oh, (public) goodie!

Is your favorite DAO really a DAO?

Wen Arbitrum token? Now!

The downfall of DeFi?: Depeg, debriefed

Centralization’s poster child gone rogue: Enter Base

DeFi’s newest power player: Universities

The End of the Blame Game(?)

It's GHO time, baby

DeFi's great paradox: VC tokenholders

All in an effort to perfect DAO governance...

Nouns on nouns on nouns

Kicking off the new year, on-chain